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Subject: Nonfiction

I’d Rather Be in Charge
A Legendary Business Leader Shows You How to Find Joy, Power, and Pride at Work
$25.99 US · $29.00 CAN
Charlotte Beers, dubbed "the most powerful woman in advertising," takes female readers on a journey from within themselves and into the world of work, offering inspiring and practical advice. More
Mothers of Reinvention
Reclaim Your Identity, Unleash Your Potential, Love Your Life
$15.99 US · $18.50 CAN
A fun and passionate work of non-fiction exploring the modern mother's path to reinvention, both in the home and in the workplace. More
The Compound Effect
$19.99 US · $23.00 CAN
The Compound Effect is an extraordinary operating system that shows how small, smart choices, plus consistency, plus time, equal a radical difference in one's life. More
Recipes for Life
My Memories
$25.99 US · $30.00 CAN
A delightful and delicious look into the life of an icon, Linda Evans, which includes personal photographs, recipes, and anecdotes from her illustrious career in Hollywood. More
Straight Talk for Women to Stay Smart in a Dumbed-Down World
$25.99 US · $30.00 CAN · £15.99 UK
A topical, timely, and highly provocative debut work of nonfiction by nationally recognized attorney and television legal analyst, Lisa Bloom. More
Divinity of Doubt
The God Question
$26.99 US · $31.50 CAN · £15.99 UK
From the New York Times bestselling author of Helter Skelter comes a provocative book on agnosticism. More
The Risk Takers
16 Top Entrepreneurs Share Their Strategies for Success
$15.99 US · $18.50 CAN · £9.99 UK
A collection of in-depth interviews with some of the highest-profile entrepreneurs in the country about the secrets and strategies behind their success. More
Profit From Real Estate Right Now!
The Proven No Money Down System for Today’s Market
$15.99 US · $18.50 CAN · £9.99 UK
A topical and important book about how to make a substantial profit in a turbulent real estate market. More

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